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Our team has over two decades of experience in the industry helping businesses.

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Mark Morrissey is a senior leader in strategic sourcing and supply management with extensive experience. A combination of industry and consulting experience permits hands on pragmatic business management combined with strategic thinking. The outcome of Mark's experience has enabled Mark to take leadership within organizations to meet strategic objectives and drive enhanced value.

Experience and skills include the negotiation of complex high value and multi year contracts with third party suppliers in manufacturing outsourcing and IT outsourcing. Mark is able to bring thought leadership to negotiations enabling mutually beneficial solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Strategic sourcing and vendor management are two critical functions for any business. From services to manufacturing, companies are relying more on vendors to provide non-core products and services which creates risk to the business through reliance on third party organizations.

This is why leading class strategic sourcing and vendor management are critical to the success of an organization through ensuring the correct vendors with the required qualifications are selected and risk mitigation is implemented.

How We Will Work With You

Link–Sage is able to work with your staff, internal stakeholders and external suppliers to drive a specific sourcing project resulting in the best solution based on pre-defined value criteria. At the same time, we will share the knowledge and methodology with your organization as part of internal development. Vendor relationships are challenging to maintain and develop while very important to organizations as vendors are able to bring industry expertise, capabilities and resources to support your objectives.

We work with you to develop collaborative relationships based on key performance indicators aligned to strategic goals which positions your vendor relationships to maximise the value they bring.

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is being taken under stronger consideration by organizations but many are at a loss on how to implement true environmental sustainability programs balanced with fiscal responsibility to shareholders. Leveraging ISO principles, Link–Sage will develop an environmental sustainability program with your organization to ensure sourcing decisions take the environment into account.

This is augmented with Total Quality Management (TQM) practices to build environmental sustainability into the organization’s operations and culture.

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"Mark was one of my leaders. We faced an Operation that was too cost heavy, couldn’t ship on time and was costing the company market share. Mark took ownership over the challenges we faced in our supply chain. He led efforts to re-organize and structure our vendors and supply chain. He created new sourcing models and led efforts with Design Engineering to apply ‘design for sourcing’ approaches resulting in substantial material cost reductions. Mark applied innovative approaches from 3PL, Lean Delivery approaches and outsourcing to lower cost providers both in North America and Far East. This helped us achieve a very quick turn-around to profitability. Mark also provided me a versatility to manage multiple functions and always displayed a strong team-player character."

Purchasing Manager
Leitch Technology
Vice President Operations

" Mark is one of a kind procurement and supply chain professional, his expertise, talent, business attitude and behaviour are exceptional. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date in terms of the market trends and best practices, he is a very good listener and provides the best fit advice to A specific situation. It was great working with him, and he is on my top 5 consultants that I would approach for the next procurement and supply chain related project."

Manager, Consulting
Deloitte Consulting, Strategy and Operations
Client – Wireless Industry

"I worked with Mark at Rogers where he was the Director of Strategic Sourcing managing the Network, Engineering, Cable and Wireless team. Mark is seasoned procurement professional with a deep understanding of all facets of the supply chain. Mark was an empowering leader, able to articulate clearly the vision and strategy for his category while motivating his team to deliver excellence. Mark is methodical, detail oriented and passionate about exceeding expectations. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mark again."

Director, Strategic Sourcing
Rogers Communications
Director Strategic Sourcing, IT

"Mark is truly an outstanding professional with expert knowledge in strategic sourcing both within manufacturing and Service oriented environments. I had the good fortune of working with Mark both as a client and successfully placing him as a candidate. Mark is strategic, a visionary and dedicated coupled with an outstanding sense of humor! I would without hesitation recommend Mark."


"Mark is a great mentor for any one new to a career in strategic sourcing. He is a fair person who is very knowledgeable in the electronics industry. His knowledge is not limited just to the electronics industry but other industries such as finance. His management style will allow anyone who works with him to succeed as he encourages his co-workers and his direct reports to constantly improve."

Commodity Manager (Staff)
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With over 20 years on experience providing consulting services for Vendor Management and Strategic Sourcing, Link-Sage is ready to provide you with the best resources in the industry.

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